Monday, September 15, 2008

Days off together!

Laura and I have had two days off together -- two days in a row, during which neither of us had to work or be anywhere. It's been nice, and this almost never happens. Ours isn't a life with a routine schedule, and it's in the nature of what we do that we rarely have many days off, and that they rarely coincide. There's a running joke about doctors being happiest marrying other doctors, as laymen can't fully understand what they do and don't understand the odd demands of their profession or calling. I suspect this is the same for theatrical people; people who aren't in the biz have trouble wrapping their heads around the odd demands of life in theater. Laura and I understand the scheduling to which our business subjects us. If she's in production, I know it's a week when I'll never see her by daylight. If I've got shows and events all weekend, she knows what that's like. And it's never a source of stress for us.

So having a pair of days together is a treat. We didn't plan any activities; we went grocery shopping, we made pasta together for dinner last night (I made the pasta from scratch, she made the world's yummiest meat sauce), we went to a movie, and we spent a lot of time lounging and reading and talking. It's been nice.

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