Tuesday, September 09, 2008

And yet I'm keeping my day job

So, I just won a whopping four dollars in the lottery. Which is a net of three dollars, after factoring in the dollar I spent on the original ticket. Just to show I'm not letting my winnings go to my head, I'm planning on keeping my day job at least a little while longer. I generally buy a lottery ticket a few times a year -- either when the jackpot is huge, or when I'm feeling particularly down about our financial situation. I don't actually expect to win; rather, buying a ticket is the price of daydreaming about what you'd do if you won.

It's a good question. If I won the current jackpot ($105 mil), I'd get to keep about $35 mil of that; even if I invested poorly, I'd end up with a million dollars a year to spend. I don't know how easily I could realistically do that. Unless I wanted to start buying property or get a huge house, I don't think I could comfortably spend a million bucks on goods and services in a year. Spending money is a habit, and it's one I'm not in and wouldn't particularly want to develop. Sure, I could buy toys. But I've already got too much stuff. The best I could do would be to replace my current pile of stuff with a newer, shinier pile. I suspect we'd travel more, and do it in style, and give a lot of money away. Oh, and there would definitely be one of these in my future....

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