Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Secondary exercise

I don't watch the Olympics. I hope this isn't an unpatriotic thing to admit; it's really a matter of free time (none), scheduling (weird), and commercial breaks (too frequent). But I'm impressed with the athleticism of everyone competing. Here's my odd Olympics thought: incidental exercise. I caught a minute of diving while Laura and I were out at a bar last weekend, and I was contemplating the training routine of a diver. It occurred to me that in a good day's training, the diver probably falls at least a kilometer, ten meters at a time. This is an impressive feat. But what struck me as amazing is that the diver climbs a kilometer of ladder, too. This has a very CrossFit feel to it. I could see it being one of their workouts-of-the-day: "climb ten-meter tower, jump off, repeat 100X, post time to comments". I can't think of any other sport that has such an extreme workout as a completely incidental part of the sport.

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Clint said...

Great, now I'm mentally designing ski-lifts for high divers. :)