Monday, August 18, 2008

GenCon. Much fun!

GenCon was much fun this year. I spent almost all of my time at the writer's symposium, and I think I learned a lot. Especially useful were Michael Stackpole's classes on character and plot, and his "21 Days to a Novel" course. And, his class on the future of publishing was interesting. I've been following a lot of writers' thoughts about the coming changes/apocalypse in the publishing business, and I liked Stackpole's educated guesses about the future of fiction. The authors were fun to listen to and highly informative, and now I've got another pile of books I need to read. I'm really looking forward to Jim Hines's Goblin Quest and Patrick Rothfuss's Name of the Wind, among others; they were fun to listen to, and I'd be shocked if they're not also fun to read.

Plus, it was GenCon. I had a blast wandering around people-watching and seeing what's new in gaming. I fought the urge to buy anything (other than books!); I've really got enough clever t-shirts, I wouldn't really have any use for a stuffed Cthulhu, I already own more swords than I've ever used (number owned, 4; number used, 0), I don't wear jewelry, and I wouldn't ever wear a Utilikilt. and I don't really play games much, anymore, so I'm not really in the market. But it's fun to look at everything and to discover some of the clever toys gamers invent to support their hobbies. And, really, in a lot of ways the GenCon crowd is my peer group, and it's a group I only encounter every year or two at GenCon. So it's fun to hang with My Peeps for a while.

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