Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birthday gift: GenCon!

Laura just told me what she's giving me for my birthday this year: she's sending me to GenCon! This is really a good gift. I've been debating which day I was planning on attending, trying to figure out how I could get some time on the con floor, as well as catch some of the cool seminars and symposia. But it was a hard decision to make. There's good stuff scheduled every day, and I was having trouble figuring out which day was the best possible day to attend. So when Laura bought me a four-day pass, it made a good gift. It's a two-part gift, too. She's not only buying me a ticket to the con and a bunch of event tickets, she's also telling me it's okay to spend a bunch of time away next weekend, even though we've both got two days off at the same time. So knowing that she's okay with me being gone most of the long weekend gives me peace of mind, too.

My wife: she rocks!

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