Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Twists in movies

I've enjoyed the twists in this summer's movies. I'm generally surprised by them, because that's one of the reasons I watch movies. I immerse myself into the world, and I really enjoy being taken in by the story, the characters, the wit, and the action. I love it when sudden turns take me by surprise. The twists get me, because I'm in the flow of the film.

I've met a few people recently who take an inordinate amount of pride in never, ever being surprised by a movie. For these people, it seems like the entertainment value isn't in the characters or dialogue or action, but in pitting themselves against the filmmakers, watching for any hint of foreshadowing, trying to guess where the story's going next, never letting the filmmakers pull a con on them. If a plot twist surprises them, they feel like they're losing. And, in all likelihood, they'll never admit to being surprised; they've got a lot of ego wrapped up in being "smarter" than other filmgoers.

Yeah. Whatever makes them happy, I guess. But it seems like they're missing the point of going to a movie. You're supposed to enjoy them, not engage them in a battle of wits....

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