Saturday, July 26, 2008

Toaster moment

I mentioned to Laura over breakfast that our toaster slots are too deep, or possibly our bread too small; I usually end up having to use a fork to get the toast out. She gave me The Look, and indicated that if I electrocuted myself by sticking a fork in a toaster, she would be distinctly nonplussed, possibly even minussed. I wouldn't be happy either, believe me. And every time I fork bread out of the toaster, there's a little tiny part of my brain that says, "you might be about to end up on FARK." But I'm really not worried. I do wiring; I'm good enough at it that people pay me to do wiring. I could probably take the toaster apart and repair it without unplugging it, if I had to. I'm pretty safe sticking a fork in it. And, it's a modern toaster; as long as the coils aren't hot, there's no electricity in there. If the toaster's off, you're (almost) as safe as if it were unplugged.

Still, to make Laura happy, I might switch to a plastic toaster fork.

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