Friday, July 25, 2008

Random spam observations (with potentially British porn)

While digging through my Yahoo! mail spam trap, I found a subject line promising "Arse-shagging tarts". I'm not sure why, but I found the extremely British verbiage amusing. The spam trap was pretty porn-laden this week; normally it's all 419 scams, Viagra ads, free laptops, weight-loss products, and penis-enlargement spam. I had a few zingers; in addition to the Brit hos, I also had subject lines that said, "Oprah says only hot singles here!" and "find your topless soulmate". It's like someone took two different spam messages and combined them into one surreal message.

It also seems like all the cool spammers are using accents and umlauts on lots of words in an effort to bypass spam filters. It doesn't work; the only place I've seen text that looks like, "We nééd peöple to try this néw phöné téchnolögy!" has been in my spam trap.

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