Monday, July 28, 2008

Organically grown vacation plans

Laura and I decided to take a little vacation. Not directly, though; we worked our way around to deciding to take a little vacation. We listened to the last CD of the audiobook we started on our trip back from Virginia last Sunday, and while we were talking about how much we liked the driving-while-listening experience, we decided to take a day trip, just driving around on country roads while listening to a book on CD. Then we decided it would be even better to stop somewhere for the night at a Hampton Inn (our favorite chain hotel) and make it an overnight trip. Then we started looking at interesting destinations a book's distance away from here. We found a town in Ohio whose primary industry seems to be renting cabins-in-the-woods to vacationers, and found a non-booked remote cabin for two. Then we decided it looked so nice, it would be a shame to just stay one night and leave. Over more discussion and planning, the trip extended to four days and three nights, and now includes an in-cabin massage for two. We're really looking forward to the trip.

One of these days, we'll take a real Laura-vacation: a whole week (or more), somewhere with a beach and an ocean and sand and waves and sunsets over the water. But for now, this sounds like a great way to spend a few days relaxing out of town.

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