Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Am Officially Old

I just got an online invitation to my 20-year class reunion, which, along with knee pain and worries about my hearing, is yet another sign that I'm officially No Longer Young. The reunion committee set up a web page with a list of our classmates, and I registered and created a generic info page. You can view profiles and pictures for everyone who's signed up already, about 25 or 30 people so far. I checked profiles of the people I vaguely remember, and they're all adults now. It's a bit odd -- what I remember about them from school doesn't even vaguely match up with where they are now. I'm probably less of a shock, having transitioned from being on stage crew in high school, to being a professional techie, sound guy, and roadie as an adult. My important changes are all non-career changes; for one thing, I'd like to think that I'm much less of a self-centered asshole than I was in high school.

I doubt I'll go to the reunion. I haven't kept in touch with anyone in my high school class; the closest I've come is my friend Doug, but he was a year behind. And, while I'm curious to see what some familiar people are up to these days, none of them are people I know. And, just as I've changed a lot, I expect everyone else has too. We're essentially strangers of the same age, who spent time together twenty years ago. I doubt people remember me; I suspect I was just one of the nameless horde, not particularly memorable.

Worse would be if people actually did remember me from high school. As I mentioned, I was a jerk when I was younger. Looking back, my grade school memories are universally about suffering low- and medium-grade traumas at the hands of my classmates; my clearest high school memories are mostly about mean things I did or said to others. Neither is a set of experiences I'd like to spend much time dwelling on....

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Eric Phillippe said...

If it's any consolation Jeff, I have very clear memories of you in high school. And while I it may be true that you were a "fringe" kid (as if that is a bad thing), my memories of you do not consist of you being selfish,nor an asshole.

You were just one more of the kids that made time spent over at the PAC an interesting and enjoyable experience. Hope things are going well for you!

Eric Phillippe