Monday, July 21, 2008

Cool rental car

For the drive to Virginia, Laura and I rented a car. The Jeep gets pretty bad mileage, it's not comfortable for long trips, and it's old enough that it seems to need major repairs after every big trip, so it's easy to justify the expense of renting a car. Or, in this case, an SUV: a Toyota Rav4. And it rocks. It handles and accelerates well, the sound system is nice, the seating is comfortable for a long drive, and it gets surprisingly good mileage (around 21/28 according to the manufacturer, or 22/30 according to Enterprise Rent-A-Car). It's very well designed, packed with little clever or ergonomic features. I was extremely impressed.

I admit that some of the impressed might have something to do with the fact that I'm extremely easily impressed by vehicles. It has a motor, after all; I've had some running around to do today, and I've enjoyed not being on the bike for a change. And, really, the Jeep Wrangler is neither a particularly practical nor a comfortable vehicle. I don't know how much of my car-crush on the RAV4 is just because it's such a huge improvement over the Jeep. And, I've tended to drive older, crappier cars. I've never owned one with power windows or locks, and I've never owned a car with one of those cool remotes with buttons you can push to lock and unlock the car. So I suspect that a lot of what I find so nice about the RAV4 is stuff that I'd find nice about any car made in the last decade.

Still, though, it's been a blast to drive. I'm not happy about having to turn it in tomorrow!

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