Monday, July 28, 2008

Buckell/Scalzi trip: thwarted!

I just read Scalzi's list of upcoming appearances, and was a bit disappointed to see that he and Tobias Buckell won't make it to Don's Books in Kokomo. I really enjoyed their last signing (for Ragamuffin and The Last Colony, as I recall); I was really hoping they'd make it back to Kokomo again, since they've once again got new books out at the same time. Both Sly Mongoose and Zoe's Tale look like they'll be a lot of fun. I was even looking forward to the long bicycle trek up to see them; I was going to make a mini-vacation out of the trip, cycling down the morning of, hanging out at the signing/reading until the authors left, then getting a hotel room and reading the books that night before cycling home the next morning.

Their next-closest stop is in Columbus, Ohio in early October, which is a bit out of cycling range. Shame. And now I'm really lamenting missing InConJunction this year. No live Scalzi for me this year, I guess. And I'm also going to miss seeing Tobias Buckell; he's also a fascinating guy and a great writer. I've already put the books on hold at the library, and I'll read them when they come in. I know I'll eventually buy copies, but I'd prefer to do it when a bookseller has them for a signing. It's important to support booksellers who think author visits are a good idea....

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