Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trashy romance covers

Laura reads more than I do, and much more broadly. She's recently added paranormal romance to her genre collection, and she quite enjoys some of them. I've been noticing that a lot of them have traditional romance-novel covers: either a well-built guy with a hairless chest, or a period-clad beautiful woman in the arms of a taller, muscular man (generally not looking at each other). But there have been a few recently which instead show a sexily-dressed woman alone on the cover. I'm wondering what this says, if anything, about the content of the books. I suspect it might be more a matter of the fantasy -- do you want to have the guy, or do you want to be the girl? I haven't read the books, but from a perusal of the back cover, I get the impression that the babe-cover books tend to be about strong, powerful women (witches, commandos, sword-wielding warriors, etc). Maybe these books are more about putting yourself in the place of the heroine, and less about the guy....

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