Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Strawberry Festival time!

Downtown on the Circle tomorrow (Thursday, June 12): Strawberry Festival! Woo hoo!

The name makes it sound like some sort of feast day in honor of strawberries. It's not. But it's a chance to eat a yummy $6 dessert outside with a horde of like-minded dessert enthusiasts. You get a pile of strawberries for $3, and for $1 each you get your strawberries topped with whipped cream and ice cream, and served on shortcake. They start serving in the basement at 8am, and they start serving outside at 9. The line starts getting serious around 11am; if you show up at noon, expect to wait in line for as long as half an hour. The normal rules of line mechanics don't apply, so the lines just keep getting longer. Eventually, everyone gets served. Around 3, they'll start running out of stuff -- maybe ice cream first, but eventually they'll be out of strawberries, and then it's over. They say they serve 'til 6pm, but in my experience they've never actually lasted this long. So plan on going early, and plan on waiting in line.

And, your six bucks goes to a good cause. So head downtown and dig in! See you there.

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