Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Mac games

I'm becoming more and more of a Mac convert as I spend more time using their computers. They're easy to use, less crash-prone than PCs, and their OSs tend to be intuitive, well engineered, and elegantly designed. They're not perfect: they're about twice as expensive as comparable PC hardware, they still crash, and their software and peripherals can be prohibitively expensive. But given that MacOS's chief competition these days is Vista, a Mac seems like a godsend by comparison.

Except for games. Nobody releases games for Mac on any kind of reasonable schedule, and very few games are available at all. Mac packs their computers with otherwise state-of-the-art hardware, but they're still using video cards that are obsolete before they ship. Given how much of Apple's marketing is oriented towards Mac being the "fun" computer platform (and Windows the "work" computer), it's shocking how little effort they put into gaming. Still, I'm trying to game less and write more, so going Mac might be a good thing to keep me from wasting too much time gaming. Instead, I can waste time watching old music videos on YouTube!

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