Monday, June 16, 2008

iPhone: cheaper and faster, still AT&T

The recent price drop/feature increase Apple announced for the new iPhone had us looking at them again. Faster internet is nice, and they're now comparably priced with other high-end smart phones. While we could never seriously justify $500 for a phone, $200 seems more reasonable. I can't justify the monthly cost, but an iPhone would simplify my life a bit by eliminating a lot of the crap I carry with me all the time. Plus, it's got serious toy value.

On the down side, it's still AT&T only. Which is a problem; I'm on AT&T now, and I'm extremely not impressed with their service. I'm impressed with how often it won't ring when I've got a call; I probably miss two or three calls a week when I've got my phone with, and it just doesn't ring. And the missed call and message-waiting notifications don't appear until between 5 minutes and three hours after the call. If I were more dependent on my phone, this would suck worse; as is, it's merely inconvenient. But it's inconvenience you shouldn't have if you're paying $100 a month for service on your iPhone.

Just want to say, it's awfully nice of Apple to actually give some warning about this particular upgrade. It's their traditonal practice to surprise people with their new models; three days after I got my iPod Nano, they came out with the new one -- smaller, cheaper, and able to show video. It's long been Apple's practice to screw their early adapters. Any time you buy an Apple product, it's a gamble that they won't come out with a better, cooler, cheaper model the next day. But they have been getting better. Remember the $100 price drop with the first iPhone? People who bought one on a Monday saw the price drop 20% the next day, and Apple appeased them with gift certificates. Now they're being even better, and apparently stopped selling the old iPhones a few weeks before they announced the new ones. I hope this trend continues with their product releases....

Also of note: a 16GB iPhone is now $100 cheaper than the same size iPod Touch, which I suspect they'll be fixing soon. They've already rolled out the 32gb Touch, and I'm expecting a price drop on their current models. Still out of my price range, but less so than they were.

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