Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Informative Guy

I'm temporarily the only staff person at the Artsgarden. So today I'm pulling double duty: sound guy and information desk guy. I have fun at the info desk. It's a lot more people-oriented than my usual, and it's fun talking to visitors. Plus, I get some weird questions. So far today:
  • "Kit?" (this was an Asian tourist who spoke no English, who then handed me a picture cut from a magazine. She wanted to know where to buy a nice quilt, it turns out -- so I printed GoogleMaps directions and sent her to my Aunt Terri's quilting shop on the south side.)
  • "Where's the steam clock?" (behind the State Museum!)
  • "Are there any restaurants around here?" (where the person was standing, they could turn their head and see marquees for about two dozen restaurants)
  • "How many pieces of glass are in this building?" (2168, according to the architect)
  • "Isn't there a museum that shows movies?" (yes -- the IMA shows movies on the terrace on Fridays, and this week it's This Is Spinal Tap)
  • "What's the best-kept secret in Indianapolis?" (my initial answer: "I can't tell you -- it's a secret!" What they really wanted was a restaurant off the beaten path, so I sent them to Mama Carolla's.)
I should mention, I knew all these without having to look anything up. I felt a bit like the information-desk guy in Airplane!: "What's the fastest land animal?" --"The cheetah."

Surprisingly, today I haven't heard many of the Big Two Questions: "where's the closest bathroom?", and "where's TJ Maxx?". We get these so often, we're considering keeping an arrow on a stick behind the desk. When someone asks the Big Two, we'd just hold up the arrow, pointing in the correct direction.

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