Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Grr, Jeep.

One of the little problems with the Jeep is that you can't lock it. A Jeep Wrangler an inherently insecure vehicle; even if you lock the doors, you can unzip the windows. So, when extremely stupid thieves (apparently unable to fathom the complex mechanical workings of the zippers) broke both door locks a few years ago, we never replaced them. It's a reminder that there is no actual security in a Wrangler; by having no locks, we can't even pretend that we're locking it, so we're reminded to not leave anything important inside.

I had to drive up to Castleton after work today to pick up parts and cool new microphones for work. I rarely make it up to Castleton, and when I do I like to spend some time -- visit bookstores, hit a coffee shop, maybe hit Fry's and window-shop for geek toys. But I didn't have the option today, because I had to pick up my microphones before IRC closed. I didn't want to walk around Fry's with an armload of microphones, mic stands, and cables (it's possible they wouldn't let me anyway), so my trip was business-only. If we had a vehicle with an actual trunk, or even doors you could lock and windows you can't unzip, I probably would've spent a few hours having a miniature vacation. But the Jeep made it all about work. And, on the bright side, the unlockable Jeep kept me from possibly spending unnecessary money on tech toys or books or a cafe mocha. So I suppose it's a good thing. This knowledge in no way reduces my low-grade grouchiness, though....

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