Friday, June 06, 2008

Clean Closet!

I spent a large chunk of last evening reorganizing my closet. I was previously using an organizational system consisting of huge piles of random clothes crammed together, which is even less efficient than it sounds. It was taking longer to get dressed than it should, because I wouldn't know until I started digging whether or not I had any clean socks or underwear or which of my work pants were still appropriate for work, and which had holes in them. So yesterday, while trying to think of an organized way to add clean laundry to the wads of clothes stuffed in my closet, I got disgusted with the mess, pulled all the clothes out of the closet, and piled everything on the bed. I started sorting and folding and stacking, and quickly figured out that I didn't have enough shelf space for neat piles. So I grabbed the power tool collection and made more shelves. Then I stacked neatly-folded clothes in well-organized stacks, putting the cold-weather stuff on the top shelf in the back, and the clothes I wear all the time in the most accessible places. I also tossed a pile of clothes I know I won't ever wear again -- things too torn to wear in public, too paint-stained to wear for painting, shirts with the outdated logos of my employer (which I'm neither allowed to wear, or to donate to Goodwill), old work pants that don't look clean even fresh out of the wash.

It might sound silly, but having a clean, organized closet full of clothes I actually wear, with drawers that actually close, is very liberating. It makes me a little happy, just knowing in the back of my head that I've got this little segment of my life organized the way I want it. And it felt good throwing away a lot of the baggage I've been carrying around in my closet. Paul Graham posits that clutter saps your energy; I think this is experimentally true, based on the quick job of cleaning my closet. It's making me wonder where else I'm expending too much energy thinking about my unnecessary stuff....

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Jennifer B. said...

Wow! Sounds great - interested in coming to clean mine out? I really need a complete overhaul on the master closet! Help? ;)