Monday, June 02, 2008

At a funeral

Today I went to the funeral home for Andy Rettig, the first of my Warren students to die. He was killed Friday in a motorcycle accident, and he was only 23. The services were at the huge Flanner & Buchannan funeral complex on the far east side, but his was easy to find; I drove around until I saw a large crowd of people who looked too young to be at a mortuary. He was a genuinely good kid, and he had a lot of friends at the funeral home. I liked him, and the world is a slightly less interesting place without him in it.

I last talked to him a few months ago. He was almost done saving money to take a cross-country motorcycle trip this summer, and he was going to be leaving shortly. I was a tiny bit envious of his trip plans, and the 23-year-old freedom to make them. He and his sister are two of my favorite students I ever had at Warren, and they're both wildly interesting people as they turn into adults. I saw his sister Terri today, along with a lot of the old Warren crowd; she flew back from Arizona for the funeral. I can't imagine what this has been like for her. I'm thinking her supportive thoughts.

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tleex said...

Thank you for that post.

I've been deluged by emails, phone calls, and the like lately, but I wanted to say that your Facebook message to me made my day a little bit better. I didn't get a chance to reply directly, but...thank you.

I hope Laura had a good birthday despite spending part of it in a bar while you went to the funeral. Tell her hello from me.