Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Underwear and socks (warning: may contain Sharing Too Much)

I rarely go clothes shopping. It's not a leisure activity; it's something I do when so many of my clothes are worn out that I don't have anything to wear to work. But last week, I was in desperate need of socks and underwear; I had hit the point where I was spending valuable morning getting-dressed time deciding on the maximum number of holes I could tolerate in my underwear (should I go by number of holes? Total hole area? Hole location?). So while we were shopping for Laura's trip at Kohl's, I picked up some new socks and underwear. I bought some nice padded socks that go well with my hiking boots (which have turned into my everyday footwear), some generic black socks, and underwear.

Recommendation: if you wear boxer briefs, you might like Hanes Go Mesh. I bought them on a whim, and I like them a lot. They're extremely comfortable, they breathe well, and Laura thinks they're cute. The Sonoma (Kohl's house brand) boxer briefs are less comfy; they're very high-waisted and oddly clingy. Maybe they're designed for wear by guys who wear their pants too low. But at least they're logo-free. For some reason, Hanes has started putting their brand name in large, high-contrast letters on the waistband of all of their undies. Apparently they don't realize that boxer briefs are as close as most guys get to owning lingerie, and their big, bright branding isn't what we're looking for. Picture it: a nice dinner, some candlelight, two people enjoying each other's company. The evening progresses to A Certain Point. Soft music, tender kisses. She reaches down, unbuckles his belt, buttons pop. She starts slowly sliding his pants to the floor, and suddenly HANES HANES HANES HANES. It can break the mood.

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