Monday, April 28, 2008

Vacation: it was nice.

Laura and I just got back from a short vacation. We were planning on attending a wedding in Nashville, Tennessee, Saturday night, so we decided to leave a little early and spend some time at a bed-and-breakfast. We left after work on Thursday, stayed at the Rocking Horse Manor Thursday night and Friday night, and drove to Nashville on Saturday.

Our two-day mini-vacation was great. We spent some time Thursday discussing everything we could do in Louisville: parks, museums, shopping, tourist stuff. And we didn't do any of it. We spent most of Friday sitting in comfortable chairs in the Rocking Horse's back garden, reading, napping, and watching the birds. It was the best possible way to spend a day off. We only left the house twice all day; the first was a walk down the street to a nail salon where Laura got a manicure, the second was the other direction down the street to eat dinner. I really like the area of old Louisville where we stayed, too. Gorgeous old houses, safe streets, and everything you need in easy walking distance. If we could afford the real estate, it'd be a nice place to live; as is, it's going on the big mental list of places we'll occasionally daydream about living in.

We're not so sure the Jeep is good for long trips anymore. It's not the most mechanically sound vehicle, and we feel like we're tempting fate by taking it on highway trips. So we rented a car for the drive. We ended up with a 2008 Ford Escape hybrid, which was a lot of fun to drive. Oddly uncomfortable seats for long trips, but otherwise it's a great vehicle. Even with hybrid mileage (around 30mpg), the trip still cost us about $85 in gas. But that's $40 cheaper than we could've hoped to get in the Jeep. Plus, the Jeep's not great to travel in, given that you can't lock it. We're not used to the luxury of being able to leave valuables in the car while we run into the grocery store, so we got a little spoiled by a lockable vehicle. I'm glad we rented a car; the extra peace of mind was worth the $22 a day the rental cost us.

And, we had fun at the wedding. Congratulations, Monica and Brad! We wish you all the best.

I have to confess that Laura and I were in full vacation mode when we got to Nashville. We had just crawled out of our in-suite hot tub and were lying in bed watching in-room cable, when we noticed that it was time to start getting dressed for the wedding. We had a moment when we were considering just staying in bed, and sending a nice card or something later....

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