Monday, April 28, 2008

strange taste in souvenirs

Laura and I are trying to avoid amassing any more stuff; we've got plenty already. Still, we bought a souvenir in Louisville: a new toaster! The most romantic gift since the vacuum cleaner! It's a nice, cheap toaster, just like our old recently-deceased model that refused to pop up, caught fire, and set off the smoke alarm last week. Except less burn-scarred, and with no smoke stains, and it'll at least theoretically pop up when the toast is done. So we're happy to have a new replacement kitchen appliance. And it really will function as a souvenir. Whenever I make Laura toast, I'll have to say something about our wonderful mini-vacation in Louisville, and it'll bring us happy memories.

The old toaster died the day after our kitchen faucet started malfunctioning. Do appliances die in threes, like celebrities? If so, we're due for more kitchen trauma in the near future....

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