Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sans wheels, again

My bike chain seized up a few weeks ago; now that the weather's gorgeous again, I was planning on fixing it today. The original plan was to put Laura's bike chain on my bike, pedal over to the local bike shop, and buy a new chain, then put the old chain back on her bike, and put the new chain on mine. It turns out, the process for changing the chain on my Trek Navigator is actually fairly complex. I need to disassemble parts of both derailleur mechanisms to get the chain off. So I'll head to the bike shop and buy the chain first, hoping it comes with a repair link so I can leave the mechanism intact (and remove the old chain with bolt cutters).

And, as I got into the project, I found out that I've also somehow managed to break off a gear tooth on my 7th and 5th gears. You can't really use a gear with a missing tooth, so I really need to replace them. And, I just found out that Trek apparently doesn't directly sell replacement parts for their cheaper (defined by them as, "less than $1200") bikes. But, they probably didn't actually make the part I need anyway. I'll need to disassemble it to figure out the manufacturer (Shimano, I'm guessing), and see if I can order a compatible replacement. I might have to take it to an actual bike shop to see if they can fit a new cassette. In the meantime, the bike's not really rideable. I'm off Sunday, so I'll probably spend the day dismantling my bike.

I'm wildly curious to find out how much it'll cost to repair my bike. We're a bit short on cash, and probably will be for a while; it's tax time, and we weren't prepared for the enormous check we had to write. But, at the same time, I really need wheels. Even if they're the kind you pedal.

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