Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On The Naughty List

We hire a lot of performers at the Artsgarden. I think our database lists six or seven hundred different groups who have performed here over the last few years. And, almost universally, they've been great to work with and good at what they do. Of all those performers, we have exactly one band that we refuse to hire. They were actually a pretty good band, but they were extremely difficult to work with and verbally abusive and insulting. So we won't hire them again. In some ways, I feel a little bad that we even have a naughty list. But the fact that we've hosted around 400 performers, artists, and events a year here for the last seven years, and we've only got one band that we won't ever hire again, makes me feel a little better. All those performances, and only one set of people has so irritated us that we don't ever want to see them again? The problem's probably not on our end.

I mention this because we've got this band performing in May. We didn't hire them; they're here for a private event. Still, I'm extremely not looking forward to working with them again. I get to call their tech guy in a few minutes and make arrangements, and I'm even dreading the phone call....

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