Friday, April 18, 2008

Monday: Spotlight 2008

This Monday is the annual benefit concert for the Indiana AIDS Fund: Spotlight 2008! It's a fun evening, with performances from about two dozen performing arts organizations in Indianapolis. And absolutely everything, as far as I know, is donated. Clowes Hall donates the venue, a dozen union stagehands donate their time, the production manager volunteers, both lighting designers volunteer, the pianos are donated, the piano tuners volunteer, even the company that rents the tent for the VIP reception beforehand isn't paid. It's pretty impressive. I volunteer for the sound crew, as do Alan (the sound guy for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra) and Ernie (the sound guy for Clowes). Tickets are $32 and $100, with the $100 ticket getting you into the VIP reception. And tickets are 2 for 1 if you've got an Indy Arts Card. If you can, stop by and catch the show. It's money well spent; over 90% of your ticket price goes directly to the AIDS Fund, which is unheard-of in fundraising.

By contrast, the symphony was in a wee tiny bit of hot water a few years ago for their telephone fundraising, in which 90% of donated money was sucked up by the telemarketing company. The old symphony honcho, when confronted with the fact that the symphony only got ten cents of every dollar donated, said, in effect, "it's ten cents we wouldn't have had otherwise, so I'm not bothered."

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Rebec said...

Spotlight 2009 is coming up in case you didn't already know -- MONDAY April 20 at Clowes, for more info! Tickets go on sale March 9!