Monday, April 14, 2008

Busy, Busy!

I have been slammed this week. Mostly I worked a lot; we did five performances of Midwestern Hemisphere this week, and I spent a looonnnng day setting up for DK's gala with Laura, and I built an arched doorway for the Symphony, and I did the first half of our taxes. Needless to say, I didn't do any writing this week; I couldn't even summon the mental energy to post a quick blog entry.

But it wasn't all work. My week also contained kittens! Last Tuesday, Ghost had triplets in our garage, in the big box lined with packing blankets where most of our kittens have been born over the last few years. Thursday morning, we noticed she had moved them somewhere else; one kitten was still in the box, so we assumed she was still in the moving process. But Thursday night, the kitten was still there. I tried to pick her up and found that she was stuck, tangled in the threads of the packing blanket. I suspect she might have a broken leg, probably from Ghost trying to pick her up while she was snared. And she was cold, but somehow still alive. We cut her free and brought her inside to warm her up and feed her. We put her in a box with a heating pad, and were planning on taking turns waking up every hour all night to feed her, when we saw Pouncer -- the alpha mom cat of our feral colony -- on the porch. We thought that, if Pouncer saw her, she might take her to Ghost. No luck, but Tommy (also very pregnant) was on the porch too, and when she heard the kitten she jumped in the box with her. The kitten tried to nurse, which apparently sent Tommy into labor. We got to watch a kitten being born! Extremely cute, except possibly for the part where the mom eats the placenta. We carried the box out to the garage, and Tommy is now feeding and caring for the injured kitten as if it were her own.

Tommy is the first of our human-friendly feral cats to give birth. We're unintentionally breeding surly cats; the ones who are friendly, we catch and take to FACE to be spayed/neutered. So only the ones who aren't friendly enough to catch are breeding. We'll see if her kittens are friendly too....

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