Friday, March 21, 2008

The weather: I am under it.

I spent yesterday being sick. I mean, really sick. I went downstairs exactly once all day, to grab a 7-Up from the fridge, and that was a major expenditure of energy. I was so sick, I didn't do anything other than lie in bed and make frequent trips to the bathroom. I didn't read, I didn't play video games. I didn't even listen to podcasts on my iPod; it was in the studio, which was about ten feet off the bed-to-toilet path, and that seemed like too far to walk. Yesterday was the only day I can remember when I never put on my glasses. On the plus side, the cats were very supportive and spent a lot of time keeping me company. In the ultimate gesture of cat/human solidarity, during one of the times I was in the bathroom being violently ill, Koko came into the bathroom and horked up a hairball on the floor next to me. It's the cute kitty way of saying, "I feel your pain."

I'm doing better today. I've eaten solid food (six saltine crackers so far), and with luck I'll be up for some bread later. But I'm still not feeling my best. On the plus side, I've got two days off this weekend, and I don't really have anything to do, so I'll be able to relax a bit.

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