Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More sick

Laura's starting to feel a bit better. Last night was bad. Her fever peaked around 103.8, which is .2 less than my drive-to-the-hospital threshold, and her breathing wasn't good. I don't think I've ever seen her in such bad shape. We visited the doctor first thing this morning, and he gave her oxygen while she was there. He even talked about hospitalization. He did the quick test and found out she's got influenza A, a reasonably bad case. She got better quickly with the oxygen and a breathing treatment in the doctor's office, so no hospital. But she's on good drugs and mandatory bed rest today and tomorrow. Again, think her some healthy thoughts.

Also, Laura and I share numerous disease vectors; my catching this from her was an inevitability. I'm just starting to show symptoms now, beginning with sinus pressure and muscle aches. These things tend to hit Laura harder than they hit me, but even so, after watching what she's been going through since Saturday afternoon, I'm not looking forward to it. On the plus side, the gang at work has been very cool -- I might almost say insistent -- about me taking a few days off, to take care of Laura and get over it myself. I quote: "keep your cooties at home!"

I should mention, it's been less than four weeks since Laura's insurance coverage and prescription plan went away. Nice timing. I'm also amazed at how quickly we've gotten used to paying a fortune for drugs. After our first $120 per month for her Singulair and $190-ish a month for her Advair, we're pretty jaded to drug prices. How can I tell? When we picked up her Tamiflu at the pharmacy today, we were both shocked that it only cost $80 ($8 per pill). On the plus side, the prednisone only cost $2.90 for the entire course. I thought about it today, and figured that if it wouldn't have cost us so much, my hospital thermometer threshold probably would've been 103.5 or so.

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