Monday, March 17, 2008


Laura and I usually share the bed with the cats. We've usually got the Meeping Cat sleeping somewhere in the vicinity of our knees, with Koko sleeping between us at hip level with occasional forays to my chest or Laura's pillow, and Emmett joining us occasionally to keep our feet warm. And Koko acts as our snooze alarm. Five or ten minutes after the alarm goes off, he'll hop up on my chest and paw at my face until I wake up and pet him. Many days, I awaken to a view like this:

Last night was a rare cat-free night; the boy cats spent the night outside, Chaka spent the night in the laundry room, and Emmett took advantage of Chaka's absence to spend the evening on Chaka's favorite chair. So we had the bed all to ourselves. We enjoy the cats' presence, generally, but they do wake us up in the middle of the night occasionally. Nothing catapults you to full-awake mode like a pair of cats fighting on your chest. And, even if they're calm, I suspect we get better sleep when they're elsewhere. But the cute factor generally outweighs the minor sleep deprivation.

The Meeper wasn't in the best mood when we let him inside this morning; he came in and started hurling invectives, announcing his displeasure. More or less. By "displeasure," I mean "indigestion"; by "invectives," I mean "rodent parts"; by "hurling," I mean, well, hurling. But I managed to clean it up before Laura got downstairs....

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