Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blast from the past

One of my former high school students, Terri, is back in town for a few days after spending the last few years in Korea(!), and before moving to Arizona. A friend of hers organized a get-together lunch for her Indy friends, and I was invited. I hadn't seen any of these kids for years, and I'm glad I got to get a bit reacquainted. It was nearly a complete collection of my favorite students, plus Terri's husband(!!), who she met in Korea.

It's strange seeing a pile of my former stage crew kids, and realizing they're all adults now. I have a tendency to let my mental picture of people freeze at the point when I last see them. I haven't really spent any time with this gang since my Warren days, so my mental picture of them is at least six years old. It took me a minute to mentally adjust to the fact that they're not kids anymore. I remember how much I changed between age 18 and age 24; I was a radically different person between the time I graduated high school and the time my brother and I went to Europe. And that's how much important time my former students have had to change since I last knew them. I really can't make any assumptions about them now, based on what I remember from then. Given that, though, in some ways they've hardly changed at all. Still familar, though different. And it was good to see them again.

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