Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday: movie time!

It's the day of The Big Game. The Giants face the Patriots in a winner-take-all, no-holds-barred showdown, a fight-to-the-finish contest between two second-to-none teams that can be described by a whole pile of multiply-hyphenated phrases.

And I don't care. Laura's got to work this afternoon, and while she's at rehearsal I'm heading to the movie theater. I'm planning on a double feature consisting of Cloverfield and Rambo, and a dinner consisting of popcorn and diet Coke. I suspect the theater won't be too busy, since both movies occur during the window of televised football hype.

There was a time when I felt bad watching movies by myself, like I was some kind of loser geek with no friends. I've gotten over this; sometimes, the company I seek is my own. Still, there are movies that are better watched in company. And some of my most memorable movie moments have had less to do with the film, and more to do with the people I watched with. Rambo might be an in-company movie, but I've looked ahead at my schedule, and I don't think I'll have free time to schedule another viewing until it's out of the theaters.

And, a quick movie story: I watched the first Jeepers Creepers (a truly bad horror flick) with my brother and my friend Drew. The movie starts with a scary-looking truck running a pair of teenagers off the road. They get back on the road, and soon pass said creepy truck parked next to a creepy abandoned church, with a creepy hooded figure shoving what looks suspiciously like a wrapped-up corpse down a drainpipe. The guy in the car says, "that person might need our help! Let's go check it out!" At this point, Drew stands up in the movie theater and says, "That's it -- you're too dumb to live. I'm rooting for the bad guy now!" The movie then shifted from a horror film to a comedy as Mike, Drew, and I spent the rest of the film whispering advice to the characters on screen, things like, "Hey -- go down that dark alley! I'm sure nothing bad will happen!" and "Why don't you just stick your head out of the window to see what made that noise? The chances of being dragged outside by your face are practically nil!" It made the movie so much more entertaining than it would've been otherwise. It's such a bad movie that [spoiler alert!] the big twist at the end is that the evil demon-thing, which collects body parts from its victims to stay alive forever, wants the main character for his eyes! This is a total and complete shock to anyone who never heard the song from which the movie gets its name, and to any deaf people watching who didn't hear the lyrics of the song playing two dozen times over the course of the film....

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