Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Rose Awards Dinner, if I can make it

Laura and I are both looking forward to the evening of the Rose Awards Dinner. It's possible that neither of us will actually be there, but we're anticipating it'll be fun for the people who get to attend. We checked our calendars over the last few days, and we're both already scheduled; she's got dress rehearsal for a show she's stage managing, production managing, and designing lights for, so she's probably not able to skip out. And I've got an event at the Artsgarden. I might be able to arrange a replacement, but Chris is out of town for the day. With luck, I'll actually be able to attend; it'd be nice to see who else was nominated, and to see who wins the awards.

Another odd thing: I never really considered myself to be a part of the "hospitality industry". I'm a Rose nominee, so I apparently must be. Still, I'm the tech guy at the Artsgarden. It never really seemed like a hospitality job. I do spend some time sitting at the information desk, and when I do I feel a bit like the information guy from Airplane. I'm pretty knowledgeable about the city and what's happening in it. But that's not what I was nominated for. I'd like to win, but I'm not really expecting it. It does say one of the judging criteria is "neat appearance", and I'm a bit scruffy....

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