Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Phone, it vexes me

I've developed an increasing dislike for our home phone. I think it stems from my deeply-ingrained need to answer the phone whenever it rings, no matter how inconvenient it is. Especially now that I'm writing with a laptop, I'll find myself in the Comfy Chair in the living room, wrapped in a blanket, computer on my knees, Meeper on my lap, typing away when the phone rings. I've got exactly not enough time to gently put the computer down, dislodge the cat, unwrap the blanket, and dash to the phone before the third ring ends. And, on the rare occasions when I make it to the phone, it's never an important call. It's our bank offering us refinancing, or AmVets wondering if we have any clothes to donate, or one of our various alumni institutions (four universities, between the two of us) calling to ask for money. I think I need to work to break my instinctive need to answer the phone whenever it rings. The other option is to carry a cordless phone with me around the house, but that would feel a bit too much like I'm on a leash....

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