Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lucas Oil Stadium: over budget, still too small

I just heard from one of the construction foremen that the Lucas Oil Stadium is now, officially, over budget. I haven't seen any kind of public announcement about this; I imagine everyone wants to keep it quiet, since the cost-overrun fund for the stadium is the construction fund for the new convention center. I heard a while ago that the design team is already looking for corners to cut on the convention center, given that the public isn't ready for another bond issue. I imagine they're in panic mode now.

Also, just wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the design team of the new stadium. I completely understand the need for the extremely expensive new sports facility; the RCA Dome is the smallest stadium in the NFL, and is clearly too small for Indy to ever have a chance at hosting a Super Bowl. I'm so happy we've got Lucas Oil Stadium on the way -- which will be the second-smallest stadium in the NFL. Thanks, design team! You let us spend way over half a billion dollars to move from last place to almost last place!

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