Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Links, for a change

It just occurred to me: this is a blog, it should be packed with links! So, here are some interesting blogs, written by people who are much more interesting than I am. Please, come back here when you're done. I'll eventually get interesting, I promise.
  • Polybloggimous: written by Nathan, a professional location manager for film shoots. Not only is he an interesting guy, he's also got an inside look at how film works. And, he's an author! He's publishing a novel online, one chapter at a time, as he writes them.
  • Vaguely related, Life Below The Line: an anonymous blog (there should be a word for this, maybe something like anonyblog) written by a girl who does sound for film and commercials. The title refers to the "below-the-line" budget that covers all aspects of a film except the parts for which individuals can win Oscars (director, producer, writer, major actors). A somewhat-cynical look at another side of the movie business that we rarely see.
  • The Man Who Never Missed: sci-fi author (and silat practitioner) Steve Perry's blog, named after the first book in a series he wrote. He muses about writing, fighting, and life in general, and he's always well-spoken and usually interesting.
  • Westerblog, the online ramblings of young-adult science fiction author Scott Westerfeld. He and his wife, fantasy author Justine Larbalestier, live an interesting, enviable life, and I like reading about it.
  • Charlie's Diary, the online presence of sci-fi writer Charles Stross. His The Atrocity Archives is one of the top ten books I read last year, and word is, he's probably the smartest guy writing science fiction -- and that's a high standard.
  • I'm just assuming that everybody reads The Whatever, John Scalzi's blog. It and my gmail page are the only two entries that are on the bookmarks list of every computer I use.
I just noticed that almost everyone on this list is a writer. Cool! And accidental!

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