Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A knife and pliers to battle the Masters of the Universe

The most recent toy on my Do Want list comes from Leatherman Tools: the Skeletool. It's bare-bones, for a multitool: knife blade, pliers, interchangeable-bit screwdriver, and a combination carabiner/bottle opener, but it's pretty much everything you need to have in your pocket. Like all multitools, the blade only opens easily with one hand if it's your right hand, but I've been using right-handed tools all my life. I've got the Modified Lefty Grip down to a science. It comes in two versions; this one has a carbon-fiber handle, the other a stainless steel handle, but I think I prefer the lighter carbon fibers. I wouldn't use it for anything so strenuous that I'd feel the need for the extra strength of steel. It's not on my urgent purchase list, because I'd have trouble justifying the price tag. But I think it's cool, and if money were no object I'd buy one. New toys: always good.

My favorite thing about it might be the name. The Hardware Aisle column at This Old House's website said it best in their review, which was basically one big long He-Man joke....

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