Monday, February 11, 2008

Junk, the Throwing Away Of

I have a day off today (woo hoo!), and I was planning on spending it writing. I've gotten a little writing done, but mostly I've spent my day cleaning. It started with some mandatory cat-oriented cleaning, but it's since evolved into a general straightening and cleaning. I've vacuumed all of the carpets; swept the basement; cleaned litter boxes; cleaned the back of one of the upstairs closets, which one of the cats has apparently been using as a litter box; bagged up the last month's papers for recycling; cleaned the hardwood floors; started organizing the piles of books; and, most importantly, I'm throwing stuff away.

So far, I've thrown away the boxes for our roller blades, which have been sitting on a shelf since 2001; an old Pentium 166 computer, which hasn't been fully assembled and operational for four years; my old laptop bag, which has been missing a zipper and a handle for five years; and some of the spare wallpaper for the dining room. My next big tossing: the ten-year archive of Men's Health magazines I've been saving, apparently just in case I really need to look up an ab exercise or something.

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