Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm Honored!

I just got nominated for a Rose Award! Woo hoo!

For those who don't know, the Rose Awards are given annually by the Indianapolis Convention and Visitor's Association to honor people who present the best possible face of the city to visitors. About 60 people are nominated every year, and eight or ten win. The awards dinner is March 12, so I'll find out then if I'm one of the lucky 15%. And, a limousine will pick me up at work and drive me to the dinner! My first limo ride ever! It's only three blocks from here, but I might ask the driver to drive around a bit so I can relish the experience a bit longer.

And, the nomination took me completely by surprise. We had a performance today by jazz singer Cynthia Layne, and before the show I saw the leadership of Arts Council hanging around. Before the show started, two guys with the ICVA and the mayor's office picked up the microphone and started talking. Mike told me it was just an impromptu announcement, and I really didn't pay attention to what they were saying; I was doing the sound guy thing, listening to the speech and adjusting, without paying any real attention to the actual words. Until they said my name, at which point I had a moment of Wha?!?. I got to wander up on stage and get a pin and a rose-shaped balloon and shake people's hands. And then I ran sound for the show. It was a totally surreal moment in the middle of my otherwise-routine day.

I'm really psyched about this. I never win anything, and I'm not expecting to win this either (I suspect I might be a little too scruffy and techy for some of the judges), but even being nominated makes me happy. The idea to suggest me for the award came from a totally unexpected source, and a lot of people supported the idea. It's nice to know people appreciate me. And the people who got my name on the list are all people I've worked with on shows and events, who thought highly enough of me to remember me when nomination time came. So being nominated is the fun part for me; it means I impressed people who I've worked with, rather than looking good on paper to people whom I've never met.

Still, wouldn't it be cool if I win?


Anonymous said...

WOW !!!! WE are very proud of you!! Love, Shirley and Wally (AKA...MOM & DAD)

Anonymous said...

congratulations Jeff. The honor IS in the nomination. I still hope you win.... Drew

Aunt Sooooz said...

I can't imagine this happening to a better person!!! Jeff and I feel honored just to know you. GIANT HUGS and a big WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!

xoxo from Suzie and Jeff

Carissa said...

Awesome Jeff! Congrats from both Matt and myself!

Anonymous said...

I always tell people how awesome you are - now I can tell them that you even have a pin (and hopefully more) to prove it! You really rock - and you are a GREAT example of what Indy has to offer. I am so proud of you!

Love, Auntie Jo

Jeff Mountjoy said...

Thanks much, gang! I appreciate all the support and wishes-well!