Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dinner of Champions

Laura worries about my diet when she's out of town. I want to put her mind at ease by telling her how healthy I'm eating while she's in Norfolk, but that would be lying. Tonight's dinner: tater tots!

The tots weren't my original plan. I had to work today, my theoretical day off; someone at the desk had to leave early, and I was the only person available to cover for them. So I felt like I deserved to treat myself to a nice meal out after work. I stopped by Weber Grill, but they had a half-hour wait and didn't look amenable to my taking up a table for a few hours while I read a book. So I decided to hit Aesop's Tables and have their yummy pasta with myzithra cheese. But on the drive there, I decided that I could save money by having my pasta at home. When I got home, I realized we don't have pasta-appropriate cheese. Then I thought about waffles, but the recipe doesn't reduce well. The tots jumped out at me when I opened the freezer. I'm feeling tired, so the quick, easy and hot of a tater tot meal sounded good....

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