Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chaos ensues.

Uh oh -- I lost my hipster PDA somewhere. This is not good; I had a lot of really important stuff written down there. Also, I'm not finding my cool Fisher Space Pen I bought to go with it. Maybe they're hiding together somewhere. I had finally gotten into the habit of organizing myself around my little stack of 3X5 cards; doing without, and losing all the notes I had written, is already starting to introduce a little chaos to my life.

Also, my old Dell Axim handheld has finally kicked the bucket. It still functions, barely, but the touch screen just stopped functioning. You really can't do much with it without the touch screen. I don't know what I'll replace it with, but I'm sure I want to replace it. It's my mobile text reader, and I probably read a dozen books on it in a year's time. I don't really use the PDA features much, except the phone book, but it's a useful catch-all tool; maybe a few times a month I'll use the calculator or the stopwatch or some other feature that emulates a stand-alone tool which I don't have to carry. I'd consider getting another Axim, if I can find one on the cheap. It's got a lot of nice features that make it better for reading text than the average PDA, like the left-handed scroll wheel and an easily-accessible brightness control.

I've been noticing that the PDA field is pretty dead, and has been for the last few years. Manufacturers are putting all of their PDA mojo into phones, rather than stand-alone PDAs. I'd consider getting a hip, trendy phone to replace my handheld computer, but I don't know that they make one that's suited for text reading, and that works with AT&T. I'll have to look at the options. Of course, there is the iPhone. But it's too expensive, not to mention that it takes two hands to read text on it. Plus, I just got an iPod for my birthday in August. It might irritate my wife if I relegated it to the junk-electronica shelf in the computer room, so soon after she gave it to me.

So, any thoughts about a PDA replacement with a side scroll wheel and a screen big enough to read text on?

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