Friday, February 29, 2008

Bachelor Days, squandered

It just occurred to me: I've completely squandered my bachelor days while Laura's been gone. Here I've had the house to myself, my schedule totally under my own control, and an actual vehicle available for my use. And I haven't taken advantage of it. I didn't make any shopping trips to Fry's, I only saw one movie (and it was after work), and I didn't do anything social. I didn't even treat myself to a nice dinner out by myself. I feel boring. I guess I'll just spend my last bachelor night like I've spent the rest: reading, dinner, playing with cats, and bed. I might even go wild and play Raven Shield.

On the plus side, Laura's back tomorrow! And, Chris is working for me on Sunday, so I've got an entire day off with my wife. Thanks, Chris!

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