Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Asking for ID

I spent a chunk of my morning at the Indiana Blood Center donating platelets for burn victims and chemo patients. One of my favorite little oddities about the blood center is that they're required by law to ask for a photo ID before any donation. But I'm a regular; like a lot of platelet donors, I'm there every two weeks or so, and the staff knows me. So when I walk in the door I often get to have conversations that sound something like this:

Desk staff: "Hey, Jeff! How're you doing?"
Me: "All's well. Do you have more pictures of your cats?"
Staff: "None you haven't seen. How'd the de-worming go with yours?"
Me: "Painless, but it didn't solve the little one's litterbox problem."
Staff: "Aww, too bad. Hey, I'll need to see a photo ID, please."

It always strikes me as odd that, even though they know perfectly well who I am, I still need to prove who I am with official government documentation.

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