Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Word count widget

In the sidebar over there ======>> , I added a new toy: a word-count widget from Writertopia. It's right above my official atheist logo, and I'm hoping it'll serve a vital function, that of reminding me of all the writing I have left to do on my various projects. It might even publicly shame me into working on the writing more often instead of wasting time on the enormous number of things I do with my free time, other than writing. I plan on updating it whenever I do a significant amount of writing at home, "significant" defined by either word count or effort. If I'm working online (I'm using Zoho Writer), I can't check word count; Zoho is cool, but it doesn't show metrics. Feel free to harangue me if you go a few days without seeing the counter move.

And, before you ask, yes. I played with adding the word-count widget when I should've been writing.

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