Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oddly tired, and a side job

I got a decent amount of sleep last night, and I didn't have an unnaturally hard day at work today. Still, I'm surprisingly tired. It's 8pm, and I feel like I'm ready for bed. I'll try to do a bit of writing tonight, but I'm seeing an early bedtime in my future.

I'll need my sleep, too. Tomorrow, after I work my usual day at the Artsgarden, I head to Castleton Square Mall to do a lighting call for an out-of-town design company. We're focusing lights in a few retail stores, me and three other guys, and we start an eight-hour call after mall hours. So I'm 9am to 5pm at my real job, then I have three hours off, then I work 8pm to 5am at the mall, then I have four more hours off before I'm back at the Artsgarden. When I was twenty, I could do this kind of thing all the time. Now that I'm 36, it's a different story. I'll probably be running on fumes all day Thursday, and I'll crash early Thursday night. I might even be feeling after-effects on Friday. Tonight will probably be my last chance to do any writing until Friday after work, so I'll dive in and get as many words down as I can before they start turning incoherent.

I like this kind of job, really. It pays well, it fits my schedule, it's work I'm good at, and it's the kind of job that might lead to more work; the company I'm working for does this kind of thing a lot, and they hire a lot of independent contractors for quick gigs at a good day rate. With luck, this might turn semi-regular. And we can always use the extra cash.

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