Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fun with hypothermia!

I had a great time with dad this morning, and I'm glad we managed to sneak in a breakfast this week. We met at Lincoln Square, one of our eastside favorites, and spent an hour and a half talking. Dad's a genuinely nice and interesting guy, and I'm glad we've made the transition from father and son to friends. The ride there wasn't bad, either; I had a nice, strong tailwind, the roads weren't snowy, and traffic was light. And it was a balmy 18 degrees, which I was dressed for.

The ride home was another story. Laura had some minor tech trauma on her short tour, and she called me to help resolve it. This involved cycling over to DK's warehouse space and doing some digging for important parts left behind when they loaded the truck. I cycled over from the restaurant, waited for someone with keys to arrive, located parts, and cycled home. But I did two stupid things this morning. The first was wearing an all-cotton bottom layer; the second was leaving all of my layers on during breakfast. So my cotton undershirt was sweaty when I went to the warehouse and waited outside in the cold, and the wind (now a headwind, 15mph plus my cycling speed) cut through my fleece jacket and froze me in a hurry. The ride home might be my least-fun cycling trip ever; I'm okay with a headwind, but when you couple it with wet clothes and zero-degree wind chill temperatures, I was going hypothermic by the time I got home. I was shivering and numb, and starting to cramp up everywhere; I was twitching so bad, I even had trouble getting my key into the back door lock. I hopped in the shower right away and stood under the hot water until I could feel my temperature hit normal again. Other than a stabbing headache for the next few hours, I was fine again as soon as I was out of the shower. But it was a learning experience, all about making sure I'm dressed for the weather before I hop on the bike.

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