Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Extremely mundane news from the Glover-Mountjoy household

We're out of ketchup.

Really, this is big news. I don't know if most households have this problem, but Laura and I spent a few years having variations on this conversation in the condiments section of the grocery store:
"Do we need ketchup?"
--"I'm not sure. We'd better get some, just in case; I'd hate to run out."
"Yeah, and you really can't have too much ketchup."
As a result, I think we peaked at eight or nine bottles of Heinz in the pantry, which we both agreed actually was too much ketchup. We finally stopped buying ketchup when we started running out of places to stack it. So imagine our surprise when we realized we were out of ketchup, when I made hash browns for breakfast:
Laura: "I think we're out of ketchup."
Jeff: "Okay, I'll get some out of the pantry."
L: "No, I mean we're out of ketchup."
J: "Did you check the cabinet?"
L: "Yes. No ketchup."
J: "How about the homemade ketchup?"
L: "It started turning sour; I threw it away last summer."
J: ".... Wait. You mean we're out of ketchup completely?"
L: "Yes."
J: "That can't be right!"
But it is. We're going to have to purchase ketchup, and soon. I don't think I even remember where it lives in the grocery store. I'll probably have to ask for directions.


NerfSmuggler said...

Out of curiosity, how long does it take you to go thru 8-9 bottle of ketchup?

It's something that lives in my fridge only to grace hotdogs and the occasional bland hamburger in my world. I buy new bottles only when I become frightened of the old bottle which is rarely more than half empty.

Jeff Mountjoy said...

It probably took less than two years; we've got a household affinity for tater tots and French fries. And, we use it in bulk in recipes like sloppy joe.