Monday, January 21, 2008

A day of much writing!

Yes, much writing. And none of it here, until now. Maybe my best single-day word count in memory, and I resolved a little character trauma that's been irritating me. I pretty much did nothing all day but write. Laura and I were extremely cute; we spent probably eight or nine hours sitting on the couch, legs intertwined, with our laptops balanced on our knees, her reading while I wrote. I really like the luxury of having an entire day to write. An unanticipated bonus: having an entire day with no plans other than writing means that I can do other things without guilt. I could take a writing break to make us a nice lunch. I knew the meal wasn't cutting into my writing time, and I knew I'd be right back at it after we ate, so I can revel in the cooking and not feel bad that I'm doing something other than writing. I feel so freakin' productive!

The writing itself is interesting. I'm figuring out how to write women first-person. I agonized over this for a while -- how do I make the viewpoint sound feminine? Talk about shoes, or something? (Turns out, I do talk about shoes.) But I'm finally starting to get comfortable inside the head of my main character. And, I've got a lot of text down, considering that I still don't know exactly to which genre the book belongs. I'm also editing as I go. I'm of two minds on this. On the one hand, I'd prefer to make changes when they occur to me, rather than waiting until the entire book is finished. And, the little changes can give me ideas that can take the story in different directions. On the other hand, constant editing can be a distraction from actual writing which moves the story forward. And I'm very prone to distraction. But I feel like I'm striking a good balance, doing enough editing that I'm happy with what I've written, but not letting it take over my time for writing.

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