Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cleaning under the bed

In keeping with our goal of leading a less cluttered life, Laura and I cleaned underneath our bed. I won't say how long it had been since we cleaned, but it's been a while. Surprisingly little of the cruft beneath the bed was really junk. Twenty pairs of shoes, a small pile of tools, fifty books, and a random assortment of odds and ends (hair ties, paper clips, bookmarks, et cetera). Still, we managed to fill most of a grocery sack with trash. And I filled the admittedly-tiny dirt trap on our handi-vac with all of the dust bunnies that were breeding under there.

In a practical sense, our day-to-day life is really no different now that we've got a clean floor under our bed and less crap in our basement. We've got our books more organized; we've got our shoes more organized; I no longer wonder if the library book I lost a few months ago has been hiding under the bed somewhere (it wasn't). But knowing that the house is getting cleaner makes us happy. And it's easier to keep things clean than it is to get them clean, so we're planning on making the effort to keep the house clean. We've said this before, but this time we really mean it. Really.

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Aunt Sooooz said...

I really mean it, too, every time I promise that I will be more organized! See my comment under your "Uncluttering" post. I miss you guys!