Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Buffy, and Minions

Laura and I have killed some time in the last week with old Buffy reruns on DVD. We have a good time with it, and some of the episodes are genuinely good stories. But what I like best about the show is the dialogue. It's the way real people would talk, if their speech were written and edited by a team of extremely hip, clever 30-somethings. It's the way I would talk all the time, if my esprit d'escalier were operating a minute sooner. And it's funny to listen to. It's not instructive for writing realistic dialogue, but it's worth imitating if you're writing comedy or farce. The Big Bad in season five is Glory, and her episodes are worth watching for her use of the word minion alone. Her lackeys always refer to her by an honorific, and never the same one twice. When we first meet Glory, they're calling her "O magnificent one"; by the end of the season, they've progressed to titles like, "O sweaty-naughty-feelings-inducing one" and "O most pleasantly-scented one". Funny writing, good stories, characters you genuinely like: Buffy, one of my all-time favorites. It's nice to rediscover it again.

And, for extra comedy, Buffy has its own section on the TV Tropes Wiki. Even if you don't have all seven seasons on DVD, you can still hit the Buffy page and enjoy.

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